Automotive lighted switch problem?

I’m not big on electronics, etc. so I really need help with what could be quite possibly a simple question:

I want to run an extra accessory on my vehicle and I’m using a cheap lighted switch from Auto-Zone. I believe its labeled as a SPST rocker switch with 3 prongs underneath. Its rated as a 12 V, max 20 Amp and for acc. 240 watts.

I have one prong connected directly to the (+) positive of my battery. The middle prong is connected directly to the (+) wire of my accessory. And the third prong is connected directly to the (-) negative of my battery.

My accessory works fine when switched on and off. The light inside the switch even works well for a day… but then it burns out by the next day. At least when the switch light burns out, my accessory still works, so that’s good. However I bought a lighted switch for a reason, so what am I doing wrong here? How can I keep my switch light from burning out, did I wire it wrong?
Don’t fuses come in many different shapes and sizes? How do I know which fuse to use?

Chosen Answer:

Make sure you have a fuse 18″ from the battery on your positive wire (for safety issues.) The thing you’re doing wrong is connecting the ground wire directly to the battery. You don’t want to do that b/c the switch is constantly on, you should ground it to your chassis. Here’s a link to a diagram I made so you can make sure you’re doing it correctly:

^^^As you see the fuse is on the power wire, acc. in the middle, and the negative on the right.
by: LuxurySport
on: 26th September 10


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