Are you worried about fuel economy of your vehicle?

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Are you worried about fuel economyof your ?

With sharp increase in the price of petroleum products,driving a vehicle is proving to be very herculean task for various people from middle class.

Sky-rocketing price of petroleum products is really worrying each and every section of society.So What can be done,to save fuel so that you get more fuel efficiency and save your money.

First of all you must stick to various rules and regulation directed by the automobile company from where you have purchased your vehicle.

In the following section you will get more exposure to save fuel consumption of your automobile.

The process of fuel conservation starts right from the time,you buy a vehicle for yourself.

One must go for the automobiles that are made ,taking in account the fact of giving higher mileage.

Really those auto-mobiles that are slightly lighter,have less fuel consumption as compared to it’s counterpart.

Car repair manual and auto motive repair manual always let you know the right ways to keep your automobile’s endurance and efficiency.

You must look into these points ,in order to increase your fuel economy.

1.Driving automobile in economy range,as indicated on the speedometer. Though It’s well known point yet I would like to remind all of you.

2.Keeping eye on Tyre pressure. Under -inflated treys always burn more fuel as compared to rightly inflated tires. This is because under inflated tires have more rolling friction!

3.A dirty air filter offers less air to engine,that directly affects the efficiency of engine and thus reduces overall efficiency of your vehicle. So make sure that your air filter is clean!

4.Take care while accelerating your vehicle. You must accelerate modestly so that the transmission can shift up to higher gear. To keep the revs down ,stick-sifters should shift early.

5.A constant speed keeps the shifting minimum. So whenever you get caught in heavy traffic,just hang with trucks. This is another important way to save fuel.

6.Enjoy the nature:Just shut your car ac off and open the windows. Cool breeze of nature always offers you a healthy and fuel saving way. You may follow this way especially when,you are driving on Highways or Broadways.

7.Clean your car in a regular manner. The more is the weight of your car,the more fuel it takes.

8.When you can avoid driving,just avoid it!Driving your vehicle frequently for very short distances consume a lot of fuel.

9.Get your vehicle serviced regularly. With the span of time a vehicle always require greasing.

10.You may use a diesel engine automobiles as compared to petrol engine. As diesel is both cheaper and efficient fuel.

Happy Driving.

By: deepak kumar


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